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Check Out Green Choice Carpet

Family owned and operated in Brooklyn, NY, Green Choice Carpet began as a small business over 20 years ago. Today they are still going strong, having expanded to the entire New York City area as well as several other cities across the country. They strive to provide competitive pricing and hassle-free cleaning using safe green cleansers. By never outsourcing, they have been able to use state-of-the-art organic cleaners while maintaining the reasonable pricing their customers have become accustom to. Their cleaners will not impose danger on children or pets because they select organic non-toxic chemicals

Green Choice will clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery in a fast, safe and green manner. In addition, they do leather cleaning as well as mattress cleaning, removing bedbugs without leaving chemical fumes or odors which can cause allergic reactions. Their knowledgeable staff is trained, tested and certified to ensure you a good experience with their services. Because they don’t use contractors, you know you’re getting staff that has the knowledge needed to properly clean your rugs and carpets

Why is Green Choice Carpet better than their competitors? 

• Offer free pick-up and delivery for rugs 
• Use their own rug cleaning factory 
• Own certified green cleaning products 
• Are fully insured and bonded 
• Provide the highest quality control in the industry Green Choice Carpet offers free estimates, same day service as well as spotless results. 

Contact them today for a consultation or more information on their green cleaning services. 

They work hard to provide a great experience and back it up with a 100% service guarantee.


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