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IT'S a MOVEMENT ~ Handmade Monday ~ November 25th ~ Don't miss it!!

Remember that November 25th {Monday} is Handmade Monday.  Support handmade by buying hand-crafted Christmas Gifts!

Many artists will be having Coupon Codes available for you on that day only!  You will find those on the Handmade Monday facebook page.

Here is a list of some great shops on Etsy:

Like Mother, Like Daughter ~ hand stamped jewelry
Ceramic Soul ~ pottery
CristaBela's Boutique ~ trendy hair accessories
Tracey Lipman ~  bags
Farrar Creations ~ hand stamped jewelry
Nikki Makes Scents ~ candles & bath & body
Inspired Designed ~ jewelry
Say What Creations ~ hand stamped jewelry
Three Bird Nest ~ handmade bohemian indie fashion accessories

Namolio ~ sachets & pincushions

TheKraftBox ~ hand stamped jewelry
1921 Designs ~ hand stamped jewelry

List of Facebook shops:
Poetic Posies ~ hand stamped jewelry
JC Memories ~ personalized gifts ~ jewelry, towels, pillowcases

And so many more!!  Check out Etsy or Zibbet for handmade items!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this I love buying handmade goods they are so much more special and unique.


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