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Beautiful Christmas Stockings for your Family #etsy #christmas #gifts

I love working with artists on Etsy.

Joyce & Elizabeth are the artists over at The Busy Elf Workshop

They are an aunt & niece team.  Elizabeth is the promoter, the computer person, the stay at home mom and is known as Busy Elf #2.  Joyce is the uber-creative and talented aunt who has been making these Christmas Stockings for friends and family for over 40 years.  These stockings are Elizabeth's favorite childhood Christmas memories.  This tradition has been passed down through three generations of their family and are the first decorations the kids want out every years.  They opened their little shop together to pass this tradition on to others in 2012 and neither are really sure what to expect, but they have had an overwhelming response.  Each stocking that is made is so unique & fun.  The best part for Elizabeth personally is the right of the box "I love it" feelings they receive from their customers and it continues to be an absolute joy!

Here are some photos of their beautiful work!!

You can check them out here:

Pinterest at Busy Elf Workshop


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