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No more trash talking, I just found the best trash bag!

No more trash talking, I just found the best trash bag!

So I should warn you all, I procrastinate on just about everything. My truck is always going slightly faster than it should - just to get me where I need to go on time. It’s a habit I’ve been meaning to change for years, might get around to it eventually.

This lifestyle obviously comes with some downfalls. My hair may be wet, my makeup not quite right, clothes piled around waiting to be put away, and the list goes on. It’s not that I don’t care, priorities just seem to never be quite right and there is always tomorrow.

I know this isn’t the best way to live, and I understand that. I do what I can to change my habits, and am constantly looking for products that will save me a few steps and make my life way easier. Well today, I have found such a device. It doesn’t sound like much to begin with but this is revolutionary. I’m talking about a new trash bag.

I know….not that exciting. UNTIL NOW!

Seriously, hear me out on this! My trash bag is constantly overflowing, too much in it, ripping, leaking, or otherwise making me want to pull my hair out. Now this could be explained by my toddler making a mess, but if Ill be honest - he gets blamed for more than he actually does. (I know, my bad.)

So…getting to this. It’s called the Quick-Pack. This is an attachment that goes on the side of your standard sized trash can that holds the bags in place. No more wondering where the box walked off to or trying to catch the roll as it goes across the room. It’s there, in one place, easy to find, change and ready to go. You simply take the old bag out. (They haven’t invented anything to do this yet, but I’m sure somebody, somewhere is working on this.) The new bags are right there. You grab the pull tab and the bag slides over the can ready to go again.

How cool is that!

Here are some other things that make it even better:

·They use a higher quality plastic to reduce breaks, rips, and punctures.

·The base of the bag is double sealed to prevent leaks.

·The bags will fit any standard size trash can, and they offer custom sizes for larger orders.

·Finding the opening is as easy as pulling on the "Quick-Tab." No fiddling and pinching necessary.

·Youll never forget to replace the bag because its already on the can waiting to be used.

·The Quick-Pack reminds you when you are getting low on bags, and has a simple tear off pre-postage to get more from your subscription

How could you go wrong with this!? This may well be the worlds best trash bag!

Nevermind just for us busy moms, but what about the disabled or the elderly? My mom has MS and needs to use a walker. She cant stand and shake out a bag anymore, this would be perfect for her! Give these bags a try and you will see what I mean, you will love them. Its that simple.

Here are some links to the product web page and social sites:


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