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How to Submit Products for Review/Giveaways

Hi!   My name is Karen and I am the designer of ~Mommy's Moments~

I am VERY interested in the latest fashion, accessories, jewelry and beauty items that are stylish, affordable, and designed for real women.  If you have a new product line and want an honest evaluation, please contact me.
I am also interested in reviewing products for men, boys (age 15) and girls (age 13).
I will only review your product if it’s suitable fit for my readers.
You will need to supply me with a sample product so I can evaluate it.  You may also want to sponsor a giveaway, which can be arranged (this does bring more exposure to your product!).  Simply let me know how many items you can supply.  I’ll promote the giveaway, choose a winner, and get their shipping address(es) so you can direct ship their product(s).
You can contact me at KarenatMommysMoments@gmail.com

I receive many emails each day.  I will get back to you — I promise!  I look forward to working with YOU!



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